How to read the Bible in 66 days

The 9th day

The theme of the first Samuel is “judgment.” 

The book of Samuel begins from prophet Samuel’s mother Hannah’s story. Israelis want their king and Saul is elected as a king. Those days, Israel was warring with the people from Palestine and boy Davide defeated giant Goliath. And Davide became the best friend with King Saul’s son Jonathan. However, Davide was having the life aimed at by King Saul governed by wrong. Saul was tall, handsome and rich. However, since his faith was weak, it became ugly, and he was not a person respected even if people can do a command. On the other hand, Davide was a person faithful to God. Was Saul mown by God as poisoned wheat? The Bible is written that we ourselves are Saul. Again. It is said that it is poisoned wheat. Poisoned wheat is mixed with wheat good for the present society. We do a good thing